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CSIR NET Test Series June 2018

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CSIR NET Test Series June-2018

Award Winning and Undisputed Leader in CSIR NET Mathematics, DIPS Academy, offers you to Test Series for CSIR NET which can be given by aspirants with convenient at his home or study room. These test series have been prepared by DIPS Research Team on latest exam pattern so that you always get updated flavor of exam. Our tests have been designed to provide in-depth knowledge and real time exam temperament. It will give you an opportunity to evaluate your skill and performance with real time ranking. You will also get answer key and solution post conducting the test which helps further improving your understanding.


NET All India Ranker
TEST Series 12 Test (MWT-8, FLT-4)

8MWT+4FLT=12 Test
FLT- Full Length Test – Simulated Real Time 3 HR Each
MWT – Module Wise Test – Real Time 2 HR Each

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Offer Price:- Rs 3000/-(Including GST)

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FLT Test

NET Real Time
Test Series 4 FLT

Online FLT Test =4 FLT
FLT - Full Length Test- Simulated Real Time 3 HR each

Regular Price:- Rs 2000/-(Including GST)

Offer Price:- Rs 1500/-(Including GST)

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Test Contents detail & Schedule

TEST TYPE Modules Syllabus DATE


Real Analysis & Topology

Elementary set theory, finite, countable and uncountable sets, Real number system as a complete ordered field, Archimedean property, supremum, infimum. Sequences and series, convergence, limsup, liminf. Bolzano Weierstrass theorem, Heine Borel theorem. Continuity, uniform continuity, differentiability, mean value theorem. Sequences and series of functions, uniform convergence. Riemann sums and Riemann integral, Improper Integrals. Monotonic functions, types of discontinuity, functions of bounded variation, Lebesgue measure, Lebesgue integral. Functions of several variables, directional derivative, partial derivative, derivative as a linear transformation, inverse and implicit function theorems. Metric spaces, compactness, connectedness.



Modern Algebra (Group Theory)

Permutations, combinations, Fundamental theorem of arithmetic, divisibility in Z, congruences, Chinese Remainder Theorem, Euler’s Ø- function, primitive roots. Groups, subgroups, normal subgroups, quotient groups, homomorphisms, cyclic groups, permutation groups, Cayley’s theorem, class equations, Sylow theorems.



Partial Differential Equation & Integral Equation

Lagrange and Charpit methods for solving first order PDEs, Cauchy problem for first order PDEs. Classification of second order PDEs, General solution of higher order PDEs with constant coefficients, Method of separation of variables for Laplace, Heat and Wave equations. Linear integral equation of the first and second kind of Fredholm and Volterra type, Solutions with separable kernels. Characteristic numbers and eigenfunctions, resolvent kernel.



Complex Analysis

Algebra of complex numbers, the complex plane, polynomials, power series, transcendental functions such as exponential, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions. Analytic functions, Cauchy-Riemann equations. Contour integral, Cauchy’s theorem, Cauchy’s integral formula, Liouville’s theorem, Maximum modulus principle, Schwarz lemma, Open mapping theorem. Taylor series, Laurent series, calculus of residues. Conformal mappings, Mobius transformations.




Existence and uniqueness of solutions of initial value problems for first order ordinary differential equations, singular solutions of first order ODEs, system of first order ODEs. General theory of homogenous and non-homogeneous linear ODEs, variation of parameters, Sturm-Liouville boundary value problem, Green’s function. Variation of a functional, Euler-Lagrange equation, Necessary and sufficient conditions for extrema. Variational methods for boundary value problems in ordinary and partial differential equations.



Linear Algebra (section - I)

Vector spaces, subspaces, linear dependence, basis, dimension, algebra of linear transformations, matrix representation of linear transformation, Algebra of matrices, rank and determinant of matrices, system of linear equations.



Modern Algebra (Ring Theory)

Rings, ideals, prime and maximal ideals, quotient rings, unique factorization domain, principal ideal domain, Euclidean domain. Polynomial rings and irreducibility criteria. Fields, finite fields, field extensions,



Linear Algebra (section - II)

Eigenvalues and eigenvectors, Cayley-Hamilton theorem. Change of basis, canonical forms, diagonal forms, triangular forms, Jordan forms. Inner product spaces, orthonormal basis. Quadratic forms, reduction and classification of quadratic forms



Full Length Test

As per Exam Pattern (Simulated)



Full Length Test

As per Exam Pattern (Simulated)



Full Length Test

As per Exam Pattern (Simulated)



Full Length Test

As per Exam Pattern (Simulated)


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Schedule:- 1st of May to 14th June 2018

What if I Miss?:- If you miss the test on specified time due to any reason, don’t worry, you can still do the test and check your marks.

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